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Industries all across the world require appropriate tanks for storage application of chemicals. These are mostly in liquid form and very risky, very volatile as well as corrosive in nature. The Leakage or spilling of these substances is most likely lead to detrimental mishaps. The likelihoods of the ruins and dangers increase during their transport or shipment.  Consequently the containers of these chemicals must be very safe, risk-free, as well as resistant to industrial location in addition to weather situations.

Our supreme quality chemical storage tanks are excellent for zero risk stationary storage in addition to transportation, shipment etc. They can also be ultimate for various treatment applications under high temperature and pressure. These chemical storage tanks in India are available at incredible prices.

Hdpe Chemical Storage Tank

Storing chemicals and transporting them is a very hazardous & risky duty. Therefore it is very significant to store our tanks carefully and prudently. These tanks are manufactured employing the best grade of HDPE material, obtained from the reliable vendors while sustaining the quality at every single level of fabrication procedures. We also custom make our tanks according to the requirements of our customers. We are the foremost HDPE chemical storage tank suppliein India.

Our HDPE chemical storage tank has exceptional design to store enormous quantities of chemicals in diverse capacities in a very safe and secured manner. These tanks have supreme resistance to corrosion, excellent impact strength, robustness in addition to being leak proof. These tanks are totally safe as well as durable. We offer them at incredible price range.

Plastic Chemical Storage Tanks

Plastic Chemical Storage Tanks are excellent for the application of storage of highly reactive chemicals and acids. These tanks are made up of supreme quality plastic material that is inert towards chemicals. These are made by means of the most cutting-edge technology in adherence to the international quality standards. These are excellent for storage as well as transportation application as they are designed by our experts very accurately to ascertain that they do not leak or seep causing any wastage or accidents or hazards. These are quality checked as well as verified and very easy to maintain and install. These are totally reliable and have a good life span.

Our tanks are preferred for their applications in the industries including Chemical industries, Petrochemical industries, and Pharmaceutical industries all over the nation particularly in the cities such as Nagpur, Ankleshwar, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata.

Sintex Chemical Tanks

Sintex is a very popular brand and is incredibly famous for its quality and reliability. We supply sintex tanks to numerous chemical, fertilizer, pesticide and dyes and intermediate industries all over the nation. We are the most genuine Sintex Chemical Tanks Supplier of India and offer them at very reasonable price rate. These tanks are known for their quality as they are made very qualitatively and are based on the most innovative technology.

We offer them in a capacity range of about 200 to 25000 liters. Sintex Chemical Tanks are absolutely inert towards very reactive and dangerous chemicals. Their make enables safe storage without hassle and total dependability. These never cause leakage or oozing or any detrimental incidents and are widely trusted and preferred in India.

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